Visitors of exhibition corner dedicated to World Crystall Awards will get thorough information about range of products and services of domestic and international hotels, nominated for this prestigious Awards

Special attention in the exposition area of WORLD CRYSTAL AWARDS will be given to products and features to improve the quality of hotel services

Hotels of Russia
Brand promotion among the target audience.
Possibility of non-formal communication with representatives of the target audience and potential customers.
Strengthening company position in the core market.
Additional PR motive for the company (brand, product) during the event, as well as before and after the event.
Opportunity to get direct contacts of top managers of both famous chains and individual hotels.
Partner's product presentation during in the welcome hall (branded counter, workplace, banners, roll-ups, degustation)
Invitation company member to the AWARDS ceremony (Gala dinner) / 1 person

Logo and information placement about the Partner on the AWARD site

Inclusion in the final photo report of the AWARD

Mention of the Partner in the post-releases of AWARD (4 times minimum)

Distribution of information about the Partner via customers base (more than 500 contacts)
Package Cost – 50 000 RUB
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